Getting Reluctant Writers to Explore Life Beyond 140 Characters


Episode 2 of the #NerdyCast, Hooked!, is online and ready to go. Nick and I had the pleasure to spend some time chatting with John Spencer about ways to engage reluctant writers in the classroom. John is not only a friend and an #EduBroAwards Winner, but one of my favorite voices in the education conversation. He has the ability to look past the hype and really challenge educators to strive to reach their full potential. He asks questions and makes you reflect and think deeply about your craft. Good isn’t enough for John, he wants teachers to be their best. Take a 16 minutes and listen to the ways John encourages his students to not only write more, but to fall in love with one of his passions.

Check our episode out on iTunes or here and please leave your own ideas for engaging writers in the comments.

John Spencer blogs at Education Rethink, and you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.



About Timothy Gwynn

Tim is an Instructional Technology Facilitator in North Carolina by way of Arizona. His transcontinental experience gives him the unique ability to not only appreciate a well made glass of sweet tea, but also spell the plural form of cactus without hesitation. He currently works at a K-5 school and is passionate about Educational Technology. Tweet him at @tgwynn.
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