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Tim is an Instructional Technology Facilitator in North Carolina by way of Arizona. His transcontinental experience gives him the unique ability to not only appreciate a well made glass of sweet tea, but also spell the plural form of cactus without hesitation. He currently works at a K-5 school and is passionate about Educational Technology. Tweet him at @tgwynn.

All the #NerdyCast

I’ve been a little behind, but two more episodes of #NerdyCast have gone up since our premier episode. Let the humorous, informative, and poetic sounds of the #EduBros voices bring you up to speed on the latest in Education trends … Continue reading

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Guess Who’s Back? Back Again. Nerdy’s Back. Tell Your Friends.

Like the Real Slim Shady in 2002, we’re back! (Back again!)  great blog posts are usually titled with hip-hop lyrics. (Am I right?!) I’m thrilled that Nicholas Provenzano has returned with a second season of the #NerdyCast. However, I’m more … Continue reading

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Are We There Yet?

This morning, I found myself full of so much hope when Jason Collins came out and became the first openly gay active player in a major sport. I could see how far we have come as a human race as … Continue reading

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Getting Reluctant Writers to Explore Life Beyond 140 Characters

Episode 2 of the #NerdyCast, Hooked!, is online and ready to go. Nick and I had the pleasure to spend some time chatting with John Spencer about ways to engage reluctant writers in the classroom. John is not only a friend … Continue reading

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Teachers Solicit Undercover Students to Crack the Code on Student Engagement

Hooked! NerdyCast Episode 1 is ready to premiere and we had an awesome time recording it. Thanks to my #EduBro, Nick Provenzano & our guests. Check out our show as we talk to five high school students about what engages them … Continue reading

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#NerdyCast Is Moving to BAM! Radio

You may know my great friend and EduBro, Nicholas Provenzano, (aka The Nerdy Teacher) and a little podcast called the NerdyCast. I have had the privilege of being a guest on his podcast not once, but three times. Now hold … Continue reading

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Think Outside the Blog

For my Educational Technology 6070 class, I was asked to write a blog post about best practices for professional blogging in education. I really struggle with the idea of nailing down specific guides and rules when blogging as an educator. … Continue reading

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